Prefered Method: We accept artwork in PDF, JPEG and TIFF file formats. Please save your PDF artwork at 300dpi full size. If saving a JPEG or TIFF file, save full size at 600dpi.

e.g. An A5 PDF should be saved as 148 x 210mm at 300dpi. An A4 JPEG should be saved as 210 x 297 mm at 600dpi.


We prefer your artwork in CMYK colours.

Most professional design packages have options for specifying CMYK colours instead of RGB. If you have used a package not normally used for design work to create your artwork, such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, you should still save and send it as a PDF. When we receive this PDF we will then apply a colour profile to it to change the colours from RGB to CMYK. This may change the colours slightly but should lead to a more vibrant appearance when actually printed. As with all orders, we will send you a proof to approve before printing.


If colour, photos or text are being printed to the edge of the paper then please add minimum of 3mm bleed.

Bleed is when you extend colour, photos or text past the page edge of the page to allow for small discrepancies in the print and cut process, meaning that your design is printed past the edge and then trimmed. Add this 3mm extra coverage to the artwork on all edges before saving as PDF, JPEG or TIFF.



Once the artwork has been aproved by you (the customer) then this is what will be sent to print. RH Print Services can not be held responsible for any spelling, grammar or artwork errors once you have aproved it for print. This includes design work carried out by, on on behalf of RH Print Services.


Payment Terms



Payment terms are strictly payment on order. Once payment has been recieved, the order will then get sent to print. Any payments received after 4pm will be processed the next working day.




All alterations must be made to your artwork file before final  aproval. Any alteration requests made after final aproval may be liable to additional charges for the cost of the print plates. Work will not commence on the order until any additional charges are paid in full.




Printing Defects


Customer must notify RH Print Services in writing (via email) within 5 business days of delivery of any defects discovered in the finished goods. In order to receive replacements Customer must return 95% of the delivered product within 7 days of delivery. RH Print Services  shall not be liable for any costs, expenses incurred by the customer or any other person or 3rd party company arising directly or indirectly out of any print error. In the event that we have printed a document incorrectly and it be found to be our fault then we will supply a full re-print without cost to the customer. If the customer wishes to alter the artwork prior to the re-print then this will be treated as a new order and be consequently charged for